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In the Chinese culture, the dragon, a mythical creature, is seen as the supreme being. It represents strength, power, nobility, and success. Chinese considered themselves as the descendants of the Dragon. Those born in the dragon year usually possess natural courage, tenacity, and intelligence. They embrace Life with confidence. However, the negative side of the positive attributes exist in Life. Let us hope the positive will always triumph. The legendary Bruce Lee born in 1940 was a Dragon

Listed here below are the more important days of the New Year celebration; which is 15 days.
Day 1 The start of remembering family members, starting from the most seniors, by paying them a visit, with gifts and good wishes
Day 3. A day to remind ourselves that ‘Trouble’ comes from our own mouth, that words can cause us harm. A day to be kind and respectful in spoken language.
Day 7 Everyone’s birthday. A celebration of Life
Day 9 Thanking the Celestial Emperor for the last year and for the new year. Saying ‘Goodbye” to the Devils of the year before, usually with firecrackers to frighten the Evils away.
Day 15 The first ‘Full moon of the year’. A day for Romance; when unmarried girls throw oranges into the rivers or seas, to wish for a good other Half.

For the last 27 years, Jo Lee had owned and operated The Royal George in Hurst Green. Five years ago, Jo closed Eurasia Restaurant and the Pub to start the next phase in her life. Complete Retirement. However, Covid changed that decision. Today, the Royal George continued to provide a social space in the village. The only pub left in Hurst Green for the last 10 years. Jo started The Royal George and Eurasia Restaurant by turning a passion into a business. Today, since the end of Covid, Jo had turned a business into a passion. Eurasia Kitchen started in June 2020 to continue to supply the menu of Eurasia for take home meals and to eat in the Royal George.
Hopefully, this will last for a few more years with a salute to Age and Health.

To welcome in the new year of the Dragon, Jo is holding a Celebration Dinner on Saturday, Feb 10th, 2024. Hopefully, many patrons of the past Eurasia Restaurant will join her to see in the new year of the Dragon.

A reminder of our hours:

Monday - Closed
Tuesday - Closed

16:30 - 21:00 (last orders 20:45)

16:30 - 21:00 (last orders 20:45)

11:00 - 14:00 (last orders 13:30)
16:30 - 21:00 (last orders 20:45)

11:00 - 14:00 (last orders 13:30)
16:30 - 21:00 (last orders 20:45)

16:30 - 21:00 (last orders 20:45)


Good Food. Good Wine. Good Times.

Welcome to the Royal George, located in the heart of the village of Hurst Green. We are now a traditional public house, which was a former Coaching Inn; providing refreshment and a meeting place for friends and family. Come and meet friends and family for drinks and a chat, and bring along your four legged friends to chill in our garden, or relax on our comfy seating with a glass of your favourite tipple. We've a varied menu of both traditional English and Malaysian fayre offering something for everyone.

Missed Eurasia? Speak to Jo about your special dinners or functions and re-create memories of old. 

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Special Offers:

Every Day
Before 5pm
Get three for two on all of our small plates.
Between 6pm - 9pm
Steak Night.
Between 6pm - 9pm
Fish Friday's - weekly changing seafood menu.
Between 6pm - 9pm
Fixed price Malaysian Menu - weekly changing menu.
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Did you know we've almost been going for 25 years at The Royal George. 

Yep, that's a lot of good food, good times and happy memories that Jo and her team have been a part of, and we'd love for you to come and celebrate with us. 

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Celebrate 25 Years of The Royal George with us...

On the last two Sunday's in August (22nd and 29th) join Jo and her team (past and present) to celebrate all the good times. We'll provide a buffet so no one goes hungry... available between 6pm and 9pm to ticket holders only. 

Tickets are free of charge and will be allocated with priority going to our regular and long standing customers. To apply for a ticket click below:
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The Royal George.

A distinctive country pub set inside a beautiful gorgeous Georgian building on the main A21 through road. With a beautiful beer garden, several on-suite letting rooms, garden function room and a private dining room we've got it all covered. 
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